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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

50 Hour Work Week: Good or Bad?

We are working like machines, we have almost forgotten what eating and drinking is. We will calculate the damage caused by the extra work today. And how we can possibly solve it, that calculation will also be done. 

What can happen if you work long hours ?

If you work for a long time, heart disease, diabetes, insomnia occur in the body. On the other hand, we have to face many visible and invisible complications including mental problems, various difficulties at work, such as not doing work properly, getting injured, hunger. We often ignore it thinking nothing will happen. Along with heart attack, stroke, diabetes and other types of physical illnesses, the risk of death increases. Since long hours, long hours of work, no break our body gets, so our brain cells, heart damage starts. One of the reasons for this is stress, exhaustion, and fatigue. Also, along with deterioration of physical health, mental health also deteriorates. 


1) It is necessary to give T break, along with lunch break of the concerned company, so that one does not have to sit for long 7-9 hours. 

2) The office room should have the necessary light and air system. A healthy environment must be ensured. For example, there should be open windows or adequate natural light and oxygen supply. 

3) It is necessary to refrain from organizing unnecessary meetings. Employees should not be kept in the office unnecessarily. 

4) Necessary treatment and temporary entertainment should be arranged for the office staff. For example, a gaming zone or a small corner for reading. 

5) Do not work overtime, do not work on holidays unless it is very necessary.

Do not follow all of them, do what is good for you, what will be convenient for you. If you do what is for your own good, you will be freed from the damage caused by continuous work.

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