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How to Increase Short-Term Memory

According to some sources, we have three types of memory, some say four types. These are working memory, sensory memory, and short-term or long-term memory. Today we’ll talk about short-term memory, and how to improve it.

Short-term memory is a state that stays in our brain for less than 30 seconds. We can hold a total of 7 things together in the transient brain. Sometimes we need to make this short term or transient memory a bit more permanent. For example, remembering someone’s name, where we put our glasses or pen, what we did in the kitchen. If you go over it in your mind, you may remember the work, but if you just listen to it, you will not remember it

How to increase short-term memory

Of course it is possible to store this short-term memory , that is, to make it last longer. For this reason, it is necessary to cultivate mental strength and intelligence. 

1) According to many people, drinking tea or coffee causes various problems. But according to a Johns Hopkins report, if you start your morning with tea or coffee, i.e. caffeine, it can boost your memory. That is to say, from 30 seconds to almost 24 hours, there is no comparison of tea or coffee. Also, green tea’s role as a brain stimulant is also quite effective. 

2) Drink water. Drinking enough pure water works on everything including short term memory, awareness, alertness. Most people with short-term memory loss are chronically dehydrated. This is because the brain gradually deteriorates due to insufficient water intake. And this results in a variety of problems, one of which is short-term memory. 

3) Avoid white sugar. White sugar is called white poison. As blood glucose increases, it causes various problems including our mental state, mood swings. One of these is memory loss. 

4) You can play various types of sudoku, crosswords, puzzle games. It works as a brain exercise. Playing games, reading books, doing art-crafts – doing these things increases the blood circulation in the brain. If you play brain games regularly for four months straight, you’ll see your short-term memory retention span increase.

5) Get enough sleep. On the one hand, due to lack of sleep, the condition of the body deteriorates, as well as reduced attention to work, long or short term memory loss; Depression and anxiety prevail. It also causes more long-term complications in the body and mind. Create the right environment for sleep. Gradually you will see, your head and body will improve. 

Not only will you follow this rule to improve your short-term memory, but this method will also work to improve your long-term memory. Since we are looking for help with mental or memory retention in a natural way, it will also work great for other mental and physical issues. So you can follow the above rules for a month to remember what to do with your hair or where to keep your glasses or watch.

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