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Natural Beauty and Aesthetic Crafts in Ghazni

Natural beauty and aesthetic crafts in Ghazni

Ghazni Abakash

Ghazni Vacation Tourism Center on the Sherpur border has got a new look in natural beauty and aesthetic craftsmanship. This tourist center, which was built in the Garo Hills, rivers and fountains in Jhenaigati Upazila, has changed its form a lot.

Recently, a spectacular floating bridge has been inaugurated in the Lake of Ghazni Vacation, a huge water kingdom beside the lake and a paratroba (charki). Recently, this information was revealed by talking to tourists, leaseholders, shop owners and administration people.

It is known that the distance from Sherpur district town to Ghazni vacation center is only 30 kilometers. Any vehicle, including buses and micros, can come to this vacation. In 1993, the district administration built this beauty vacation center on 90 acres of land. In the north of the Ghazni recess is Porakasia in the state of Meghalaya.

There are many small and big mounds around the vacation. Every mound is like a beautiful land of beauty. It’s like a greenery on vacation. If you don’t see how charming it is, you may not believe it. One of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Garo Hills is the Ghazni vacation. He could feel the scenery here. Thousands of emotional people gather here every day. The tourist center Ghazni vacation has gathered.

If you go to the ground, it can be seen that the Garo Hills are around the Ghazni vacation. Nijhum forest. Where the eyes cannot be turned back. There are green shawls, gajaris, teak and various species of plants around. Aparupa has become numerous mounds and creepers.

Nature moves in the minds of lovers. A long walkway has been built across the hill. You can walk on foot to touch the mountain. Natural waterfalls have been created at the top. Below is a stone pile. Friends sit on the rocks and chat.

The mini zoo next to the walkway and lake. A tiger has been brought here. Sampan boats to roam around. The story and song will make a place in the minds of tourists a different experience. Which will remain awake for a long time in the memory of the mind.

Garo Maa Village is at the top of the hill. Whose touch is innovation. Next to it is a mushroom umbrella. Sitting on the bird bench below, the life of the indigenous people can be known. Paddy fields and numerous hill mounds can be seen across the horizon. You will see the mountainous town. They will easily enjoy their quality of life. Child visitors have various crafts and entertainment. There is Chukolupi Children’s Park. Children’s corner next to it. It is here that the district branding corner is displayed in the joy of tourism, in the fragrance of Tulsimala-Sherpur slogan. The district branding corner will have photographs, books and videos containing sherpur’s history and heritage. District Branding Tulshimala is the designated place of rice.
Rows of trees in the forest gardens of the hills, high hills of red soil, dense forests and fountains that make the rhythm of the cry of the hills are adding a new dimension to the attraction of tourists.

Artificial installations and sculptures have been added to the nature. Fish daughters or waterfowls, dinosaurs, dragon tunnels, dandaman giraffes, lotus staircases, Lake View Pentagon, elephant portraits, memorials, Garo Ma’s Village, watch towers, etc. are all among them. There is Crescent Lake. The rainbow bridge, artificial waterfall, children’s park, memorial plaques of poet Nazrul Islam and Rabindranath Tagore on the lake. Patalpuri, Lovelane and Kabitabagh are in its mouth. View Tower is one of the attraction sites of leisure. Its height is 80 feet. From above this, there is a lot of meghalaya. Below can be seen the diverse view of the hill hill.

A quality food hotel has already been set up at Ghazni Vacation. If you are tired of visiting the Garo Hills, you will get soft water, coffee, fast food and lunch. good cooking system for the visitors. The number of tourists has increased with the winter walk. Students and teachers from different parts of the country are coming every day. Tourists including Shiuli Mrong, Ronita Mri, Mangal Sangma, Sajib Miah and Anwar Hossain, who came here, talked to many people.

In this regard, Sherpur Deputy Commissioner Sahela Akhter said, “Ghazni vacation of Sherpur is a very favorite place for travelers. The district administration has been working for the development of tourism in front of the district branding slogan of ‘Sherpur in the joy of tourism, sherpur in the fragrance of Tulsimala’. In continuation of this, the Ghazni vacation is being made more attractive to tourists and travelers through the addition of new establishments and various rides. spend the night.

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